• Location: can be different based on the number of participants. We will inform you 3 weeks before the seminar begins.
  • Eligibility: People about 18 years old including high school graduates, undergraduate students, businessmen, office workers, individuals, leaders, people who prepare for retirement and people who want to start a new career after retirement.
  • Number of participants: 12
  • Certificate: German Knigge Academy Certificate
  • Dress code: Business Casual
  • Participation fee: 250,000 Won/person, 8 hours Seminar. (A two-hour lunch will be prepared for each person as a practice of table manner which includes 3 course-menu and drinks) Cho Schmidt Consulting and German Knigge Academy Certificate
  • If you want to hold a business seminar or a gathering event, please contact us individually. We can support in issuing gift cards.

After finishing this seminar, you will be eligible to participate in Train-the-Trainer seminar as a next stage seminar.

During the seminar, cultural diversity that you experience while going abroad can always become a major topic. You can hold a seminar separately with a professional trainer from this culture’s country to open up this new field.

Seminar for all:

You can select topics in advance such as Table manner, Image Consulting, Small Talk and Conversation (90-120 minutes per topic)