CSC/KGIMT Contract and Refund Rules

1. The refund rules of Knigge Consultant Program and the seminar of Korean-German CSC Music Therapy Institute of will be as follows: in case you cancel on the day before the seminar you will get only 90% refund (10% of penalty will be deducted).

2. Before 24 hours starting the Seminar and Consulting, if you don’t cancel, you won’t get any refund.

3. It Is possible to sign over to someone else. You can cancel the Korea-German Music Therapy Institute and Knigge Seminar by email and the certificate will be issued under the other person’s name. However, if you sign over the seminar only for the second stage, this person must have already obtained the completion certificate of previous stage.

4. The application fee for German Chamber Commerce Certificate Seminar will include 206.000 won of exam fee, which will be sent along with the tuition fee to German. In case of making cancellation on two days (48 hours) before the exam, you will get refund only 60% application fee (30% for penalty under the regulations of the German Chamber of Commerce will be deducted and 10% for Knigge Academy Korea’s working expenses will be deducted). We have to send the request of cancelation to German so that you need to inform before 48 hours in advance.

5. In case of booking by installment payment, Event Seminar and gift voucher, you cannot get refund payment. After finishing payment, in case of making cancelation 24 hours before starting the seminar, if you want to get involved in the next seminar, you have to pay 10% of application fee extra. You can only cancel or re-apply for 3 times.

6. If you cancel or change a seminar date of CSC, Korea-German Music Therapy Institute, Knigge Academy, we will pay a full amount of refund back to you.

7. The lecturers of Knigge Academy Korea are full-time members of Knigge Association, which owns a certificate of business etiquette trainer at German Chamber of Commerce.

8. Seminar language: Korean, German, English

9. We always welcome your questions and feedbacks. If you contact us on weekends or holidays, please understand for us to contact you back on working days.

10. The number of participants will be limited, hence, you will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

11. We can offer discount so please contact us.