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Knigge Etiquette, which can touch our heart by its sincerity, will become utmost important in modern German organizational society. Through the considerable change of society – thinking – philosophy starting from the 18th century, you can gain credibility in terms of manners – formality (courtesy) – words and actions at Knigge Academy, which can become the key to success in personal/business meeting and negotiation.
German Knigge Academy, German Knigge Academy Association, the Government of Dusseldorf Province, are notably known as the most prestigious organization in German, cooperated together to offer the course of Knigge Business Train the Trainer which will be exclusively represented by the CSC. Based on the brilliant experiences as coaches and professional trainers, the best leaders of German society and economy together introduce to Korea the elite German and the natural Knigge.

People basically will evaluate each other for a short time between 3 seconds and 5 seconds. The first impression is unforgettable and will last for a long time. It is necessary for us to pay attention to good posture, friendly eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, greeting etiquette, distance-keeping, voice, and appropriate outfits for a good impression. Accessories, hairstyle, tidiness, perfume and table manner play a key important in getting a good look. Additionally, disturbing behaviors such as interrupting someone's conversation, humiliating someone by annoying topics or behaviors while enjoying their meals, chewing and talking while eating can ruin a great eating atmosphere.

People who follow etiquette can be confident to display their characteristics as well as act naturally and elegantly in every situation. “Don’t train your smile, train your mind” (Knigge Academy’s Founder – Dr Klein)