Almost all happiness exists in conversation of physical and mental experiences that happened in the past, the ability being shown in the present for creative lifestyle and the dream future that will be demonstrated in every performed action strategically.

We are dedicated to help our clients having personal, health-related, family-related or job-related problems by providing them with Germany analytical music therapy, counseling and coaching methods in a professional way.

Especially, life vision and design are spreading out, hence, the self-reflection ability that businesses need for their concept can be found in the field of consulting.

No one knows you better than you know yourself. It is a mission for therapists and counselors to support clients in not only finding peace of mind and live their own desirable life but also themselves seeking a solution that is deep in their heart.

Through our services of counseling, coaching and supervision, we hope that we could not only support our clients in perceiving the dynamics of groups and organizations but also promote individual opinions, abilities, and discretion that leads to a positive outcome for everyone.

  • 심리상담: 부부, 가정, 아동, 청소년
  • 기업상담: 개인, 조직 / 직원, 매니저, 리더 코칭, Burnout 방지
  • 커리어 상담
  • 독일 유학, 특히 음악치료와 음악대학 전문 상담(독일 음악대학 교수 직접 소개, 연결 가능)
  • 의학, 치료, 임상 분야 개별 & 그룹 슈퍼비전
  • 일상생활, 대인관계, 갈등 및 직업과 연관된 문제해결