According to Clemens Graf von Hoyos, the representative of German Knigge Academy and Knigge Professional Association, it is pivotally important to provide the training course in which the business etiquette and behaviors are appropriate for modern society as well as common values.

Global enterprises, politicians, agencies, associations, universities, public corporations and various clients all can join the training course from Knigge Academy.

Faith Towards a truthful person, and a high trust society

We want to create a society where we show our respect for others by using words and actions that appreciate each other's differences. I am convinced that sincere behavior is not only a value in every individual life but also makes considerable contribution to the success of an organization and creates a harmonious working environment.

Vision For a more respectful relationship

We would like to tell as many people as possible about the socializing strategies and etiquette which are appropriate for the other person’s schedules and perspectives in order to increase human dignity and the value of life.

Mission To pursue ability and personality development

Through our programs and teaching courses, you will be able to acquire useful behavioral skills in social life and receive better evaluation from people around you.