German Professional Association, Knigge Association German Professional Associations are united into one. Music Therapy Association, Coaching Association, and Supervision Association all can be considered as one. Recognizing various professional directions, exchanging valuable knowledge and experience to each other, co-develop new and informative content should be the ultimate goals.

In 1788, German Enlightenment Philosopher Adolph Freiherr Knigge published a sociological paper - "Practical Philosophy of Social Life". Different from other awkward rules of etiquette, this paper presents a method of self-expression management, which will guide you how to impress others by being reliable and having charisma during conversations as well as sincerity and morally dignified behaviors.

We, Knigge Academy Korea, on the basis of generosity, respect, attention, and credibility, always hope that more and more people will participate in our ego management to together create a world worth living in.