We will provide you with a seminar which will make considerable contribution to Korean culture and society

Prof. Dr. Karin Schumacher, who is world-renowned as an expert in musical therapy for disability’s children, the assessment of quality relationships and for the high – evaluated treatments as well as therapeutic intervention tools for autistic children, which assist in their development.

Through music therapy, this tool can not only make children's development can be visible on the basis of development psychology but also suggest a treatment method that will be appropriate to children development stages, which can also be used to deal with many children problems such as psychological anxiety, aggressive behavior, developmental disorders, rebelliousness, ADS and ADHS.

This course was designed in the light of this study and numerous researches carried out by notable clinicians, which covers four observation scales, relational diagnosis, subsequent medical interventions, evaluation methods that can demonstrate children development stages.

This course was offered by EBQ authors and researchers, Prof. Dr. Karin Schumacher, Claudine Calvet, Dr. Silke Reimer and members of research team.

1. Course period:

  • 2021 January 14th (Thurs), 1.15. (Fri), 1.18. (Mon), 1.19. (Tues), 1.20. (Wed), 1.21. (Thurs), 1.22. (Fri)
  • 9 A.M – 1 P.M (4 hours), 7 days

2. Lecturer: Cho Schmidt

3. Lecture method: face-to-face class cannot be conducted in the context of COVID-19, hence, online class will be taken instead. (in case that course cannot be opened, refund will be processed.

4. Benefit:

  • German Music Therapy Association, Certificate of completion at Korean -German Music Therapy Institution
  • Certificate of completion will be recognized upon the application for Master's degree in music therapy in German

5. Tuition fee: 120 000 Won (7 days)

6. Bank account: Myongji University Institute for Future Humanities (Hana Bank: 299-910003-11404)

7. Certificate

  • Korean – Germany Music Therapy Institution Certificate
  • German Music Therapy Association Certificate

This certificate is recognized as a document of knowledge, self-experience, and supervision which will be attached during the application period for Master’s degree.

8. Eligibility: music therapists, the parents of children with disabilities and autism, related persons, and special education teachers.

9. Class address: Myongji University Institute for Future Humanities

10. Documents Application: Online Application / By email

11. Contact::

  • +82-2-300-1898 (Myongji University Institute for Future Humanities, Music Therapy Training Office, Room 3118)
  •  +82-10-3318-0227 (Prof. Jeong Hye Suk)